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The software solutions of our Australian company Atlassian always focus on one thing: the cooperation of teams and the resulting improvement of work results.

As Atlassian Full Service Provider we find a suitable solution for almost every company size and every industry: Jira Core for project management, Jira Software for project management in software development, Confluence for knowledge management, Hipchat for secure corporate communication in chats and many more solutions. The main competitors of Confluence as one of the best knowledge management software are:

On this page, you will find an overview of the Atlassian tools and their possible fields of application.

What is Confluence Knowledge Management software

Atlassian Confluence is a commercial or enterprise wiki software for collaboration within companies. It was developed by the Australian software producer Atlassian and can be used platform-independent.

As an enterprise wiki software Confluence is mainly intended for knowledge management and communication within a company. However, unlike much other software, Confluence offers many more features. Among others, the software is compatible with Atlassian Jira (and Fisheye, Clover, Crucible, Bamoo and Crowd) and can be used together. Confluence is available in the following languages English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Finnish, French, German, Russian, Swedish, Japanese, Norwegian and Polish.

First and foremost Confluence is a professional Wiki and provides support for knowledge management. Furthermore, the tool enables teams in the company to work together. Confluence has an excellent security concept and extensive extensibility, which sets the tool apart from many other software solutions. One of its major strengths is the simple and user-friendly operation. Furthermore, it is possible for users to obtain transparent know-how interests, evaluate them and secure them.

A big advantage is the free trial version, which can be requested directly on the official Confluence website. The software is especially well suited for collaboration from different locations. The cloud synchronizes itself every second, which makes real-time collaboration possible. Confluence is also ideal for working in groups. If employees are not at work in front of their computers, that’s no problem either: Confluence also offers a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Is confluence any good?

Non-profit organizations can use Confluence or the licenses for free, academic institutions pay only half price and commercial users pay full price. The licenses are distributed by the manufacturer Atlassian itself, but also by numerous license partners worldwide. These partners, such as Pix Software GmbH, usually offer additional services besides the actual license.

Confluence knowledge management software: Main Features

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Direct feedback

Visible to all, comments can be made directly on the Confluence page. No more wasted time to discuss the content by email or phone. You can comment directly inline on pages or in documents and charts.

Confluence Inline Comment @mentions

Using the “@mentions” function, colleagues can be notified directly and can be contacted directly in case of questions or feedback, for example. Tasks can also be assigned or passed on to the responsible employee via @mentions.

Confluence @Mentioning

Templates (Templates)

You can choose from different templates and start creating pages immediately without having to spend a lot of time on formatting. Creating your own templates provides flexibility and brings more structure to the content.

Page and document versions

Every change to a page and its content or to a file can be tracked. All changes to Confluence pages and files are automatically versioned and can be restored if necessary.

Confluence History

Access rights for users and content

With detailed access rights, content remains secure. This avoids too much information and only relevant content is displayed to team members.

Confluence Page Permissions

File lists

All files needed in a section or a project can be stored and organized in one place, accessible to everyone. All important information from network folders or email mailboxes stays together in one Confluence area.

Confluence Page Attachments

Knowledge base

Confluence is suitable for documenting relevant corporate knowledge. Whether work instructions and processes or technical documentation – they can all be captured and published in Confluence.

Meeting notes

Meetings can be optimized with the help of Confluence. Here the agenda for a meeting can be published, appointments can be prepared together and tasks can be shared for follow-up.

Confluence Meeting Notes

Dynamic requirements documents can be created and linked to Jira. This way you keep track of the corresponding processes in Jira and the information stored in Confluence, such as descriptive texts, explanatory diagrams or task lists.

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Why pick confluence knowledge management software?

Confluence help to:

  • Prevent a chaos of files with Confluence
  • Find files quickly and easily using the search function
  • Create a single point of contact for employees with Confluence
  • Facilitate joint work in teams by working independently of location
  • Ensure easy and intuitive usability for all employees with Confluence
  • Customize Confluence according to your needs with add-ons
  • Document your projects and documents with Confluence
  • Create evaluations and reports
  • Benefit from the fine rights assignment system in Confluence
  • Increase employee productivity through organized files, improved collaboration, less email and disruption
  • Use the Web 2.0 functionalities of Confluence in your team for an even better collaboration

Core functionality includes:

Functions of Confluence

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Confluence has the following features that can be extended and customized with add-ons:

  • Wiki technology
  • Full text search
  • Smartphone iOS App for mobile working and simultaneous synchronization on the mobile device and computer
  • Cloud or server hosting
  • Editor for meeting notes, project plans, product requirements, etc.
  • Feedback within the framework of inline comments and in context
  • Automatic version tracking to always work on the latest version
  • Collaborate on many files and file formats such as images, PDFs, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • Different work areas for each team or department or project
  • Best practice templates for formatting
  • Social features: Blogs with discussion function, like-my-stuff, @-references
  • Security permissions for users and for special content
  • Version management
  • Integration with Jira
  • Import and export options (e.g. PDF, DocBook CML, Word, HTML)
  • Various available add-ons (e.g. team calendar, questions)
  • Personalizable contents


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