• Protects the hardware
  • The software can control not only the left but also the middle and right mouse button


  • No other languages besides English

Last changes

AutoClicker was last updated on 10.04.2019 and is available for download here in v1.0.0.2.

What the editorial team says:

Constant mouse double-clicking does not only damages the hardware but is also sometimes quite nerve-racking. The AutoClicker tool simply replaces the second mouse click.

Do you want to make sure your mouse serves you longer, or do you want to automate some clicking? Then take a look at AutoClicker.

AutoClicker: A simple tool with great features

Sometimes the idea behind the software can be so simple that you would never have thought of developing it yourself. AutoClicker is one of such tools! Because without having to install the program, you can start working with it right away.

In the program window, you can define which mouse button should react and how. For example, make so that the left mouse button always triggers a double-click in one second. A hotkey function guarantees that the program only works when you want it to. By default, the F6 key is set here, but of course, you can redefine it freely.


AutoClicker is a helpful Windows tool that makes your daily work much more comfortable. You will only miss it if it is gone.


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