Equalizer APO


  • graphic equalizer
  • significant increase in the system volume

Last changes

Equalizer APO was last updated on 2017-07-20 and is available for download here in version 1.2.

What the editorial team says:

With the freeware “Equalizer APO,” you can increase the volume on your Windows computer beyond the system maximum and adjust it with an equalizer.

If the maximum volume level on your Windows PC is not enough for you, you can increase the system sound by up to 20 decibels with the free “Equalizer APO” app. This graphic equalizer can help you adjust bass, midrange, and treble accordingly.

Increase Windows volume significantly

If you want to increase your system volume above the Windows limit, you can boost it by up to 20 decibels with a slider after starting the program. It is especially useful if you are watching a movie, for example, that was recorded with a soundtrack that is too quiet. Also, there is a 15 and 31-band equalizer on board, which will allow you to make additional subtle adjustments to the treble, midrange, and bass to optimize the sound.

The “Equalizer APO” can also be edited individually in many ways. By changing the configuration files, professionals can adapt the program in many ways and define sound filters. These features are explained in detail on the developer’s website.


If you want to increase the system sound of Windows beyond its maximum, you can do it with “Equalizer APOt.” This versatile, free audio tool can help anyone amplify Windows sound volume significantly.


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