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Company overview

Freshworks is one of the most successful Indian start-ups and the best knowledge management software. Since August 2018, the company is considered Unicorn, i.e. a start-up worth more than one billion dollars. The name Freshworks is relatively new. When it was founded in 2010, the company was still called Freshdesk, just like its only product at the time, the helpdesk software Freshdesk. It wasn’t until 2017 that it changed its name to Freshworks, as the old company name no longer did justice to its growing product range.

Freshworks offers a completely free variant of Freshdesk with unlimited logins. The four paid subscriptions of the SaaS program are also very affordable, with prices ranging from 18 to 86 euros per agent per month for annual payments and from 24 to 96 euros for monthly payments.

The names of the tariffs sound quite floral, they are called Sprout, Blossom, Garden, Estate and Forest. Freshworks offers a detailed feature comparison as a list. This is also necessary as the offers differ in many details.

While the free Sprout tariff is in principle usable, but very limited, Blossom already provides a large part of the features of the more expensive tariffs. The leap from Estate to Forest, which is almost twice as expensive, is then no longer so great.

The variants and prices of Freshdesk Knowledge Management are:

The top tariff is only a few things ahead of the second largest package: skill-based allocation of support tickets, IP whitelisting, the use of an external e-mail server and the option of choosing one of several data centres yourself. If you can do without these four options, with Estate you get a very well-equipped helpdesk software at an affordable price of 48 to 58 dollars per workstation and month.

Freshdesk Competitors

The main competitors of Freshdesk are:

FreshDesk Knowledge Base Software Look and Feel

Without any layout adjustments, the portal page looks quite simple.

On a portal provided by Freshdesk, customers can submit support tickets, browse the knowledge base or exchange information with others in the forum. The look of the portal can be completely adapted to your own web presence with self-created CSS stylesheets. Those who want to make it easy for themselves configure the colors and fonts with the comfortable tools in the backend of Freshdesk.

In addition to the portal page, Freshdesk also provides a feedback widget. The user can integrate it into his own website with a few lines of JavaScript code generated by Freshdesk. The code generates a button on the website, which opens a feedback form when clicked. The Freshdesk user can customize the text and appearance of this widget, but cannot add custom input fields.

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Part of Freshdesk is also Freddy, an “intelligent support bot”. Similar to Zendesk’s AnswerBot, it answers questions in the chat with links to relevant articles in the knowledge base. Unlike the AnswerBot, which also answers German questions, Freddy only speaks English. Also, the requirements for his use are relatively high: To activate him, the knowledge base must contain at least 50 articles, better 100 or more.

Freshdesk makes it easy to set up SLAs

Freshdesk has a very powerful tool for defining SLAs (Service Level Agreements). With a user-friendly interface, the administrator can define exactly what kind of requests need to be answered within what time frame and who will be informed if these rules are violated. To ensure that these rules are adhered to, the administrator can specify that certain persons, for example the responsible employee or the supervisor, are informed in good time before the deadline expires.

We really like how flexibly the scope of SLAs can be defined. An SLA can be valid not only for individual customers, but also for specific companies, for departments within your own company, for specific products, for types of requests (for example, problems or feature requests), for ticket sources such as email, phone and chat, or for any combination of these selection criteria.

The interface of Freshdesk makes a tidy and serious impression. It might look slightly dry and unfriendly, but pastel-coloured icons and the odd cartoon-style illustration give it a casual touch. New users shouldn’t have much trouble getting used to the program, even if it doesn’t offer such an excellent user experience as Zammad. Like Zendesk, the main menu consists of icons without captions, and it takes a while for the user to figure out what the icons stand for.

Text modules and templates in FreshDesk

Writing and using text blocks (which the program calls “premade answers”) works very easily with Freshdesk. When writing an answer, the user simply selects the necessary text blocks from a sidebar that can be shown and hidden. Via the bar, he can also access the input mask for creating text blocks with one click. There he can also select various placeholders in a menu, which are replaced by specific content when inserted. For example “{{}}” stands for the name of the agent and “{{}}” inserts the name of the customer.

Ticket templates work similarly to text modules. However, they are not only intended for individual text blocks, but for entire responses. Unlike text blocks, templates also contain setting options for the subject, type, status, and priority of the ticket. However, it is not possible to insert placeholders directly. To do so, the user must create a text block with the corresponding placeholder, which he then adds to the template.

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A wealth of information material

The manual is integrated as an “Agent Guide” into the comprehensive knowledge base. It makes sense to indicate for each article in the Knowledge Base to which tariffs it applies.

A separate FAQ area impresses with its detail. It contains hundreds of questions and answers. Obviously, really every question that customers ask with a certain regularity has been included in the FAQ. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, you can still search the community forum. It doesn’t seem to be very well visited at first glance since in most sub-forums the last activity was several days or even weeks ago. But the impression is deceptive. It is only because the discussions are spread over more than 30 sub-forums.

Training videos give users knowledge about what is possible with Freshdesk.

If you’re not looking for a solution to a specific problem, but simply want to learn how to use the program, you’ll find it in the “Training” section of the support page. There he will find a number of training videos that he can watch after a separate registration (the login for Freshdesk is not sufficient). Freshworks also has a daily updated blog with general information and news about helpdesk and customer service.

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Overall, Freshworks provides an impressive amount of documentation and information material about Freshdesk. This means that the software stands out positively even among the helpdesk programs that are usually well supplied in this respect.

Is Freshdesk a Good Knowledge Management Software?

Freshbooks shines with a feature richness that goes far beyond that of a normal social intranet tool. For mobile use, separate iOS and Android apps are offered.

At the heart of Freshbooks are of course the extensive possibilities for communicating and networking with your team ad storing relevant knowledge bases. Thus the tool offers the entire range of important functions to make your communication within the company pleasant – and some more beyond. In the central Activity Stream you can see all the news from the company, link your employees’ posts and attach important announcements for each user in a clearly visible way. You can chat individually or in groups, and a feature for voice and video calls is also integrated. Up to four people can participate in a video conference. If necessary, a screen sharing function is even implemented, which allows you to give your employees a comfortable view of your desktop. Documents can be uploaded either to your private cloud folder or to a shared folder. Then you and your colleagues can – similar to Google Drive – jointly access documents and make changes. A global search function is integrated.


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