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  • No other languages besides English

Last changes

Version 1.2.x brings new features such as addable language bubbles or screenshots that look like torn out pages. All changes and new features can be found on the Greenshot Blog website.

What the editorial team says:

The freeware Greenshot app simplifies the process of taking and editing screenshots.

With Greenshot, you can take screenshots faster and easier than with the default Windows function. When used, the tool can capture the whole screen, a single window, or a custom selected area

Some graphic elements and labels can also be added via the editor.

Note: You can also save the images directly when you take them. To do this, open the context menu of the tray icon and select “Save immediately” under “Preferences => Output.” You can also choose the location and file format.

The “Capture Zoom” feature simplifies area capturing. The images can also be saved in the “Greenshot” format to allow changes in the future.


If you take a lot of screenshots, you will be pleased with Greenshot open-source tool. Furthermore, users who only take screenshots occasionally will also quickly appreciate the time saved by this simple but handy app.


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