Peggo YouTube Downloader


  • Very easy to use
  • Saves YouTube videos as MP3 audio or MP4 video

Last changes

Peggo YouTube Downloader was last updated on 21.06.2019 and is available here for direct online use.

What the editorial team says:

With Peggo YouTube Downloader, you can quickly save videos and MP3s from YouTube and Soundcloud free of charge.

Simply copy the YouTube or Soundcloud URL and paste it into the Peggo address bar or search for a post directly. In the overview, you can now directly save the audio track as MP3 — click on “Record MP3”.

Peggo YouTube Downloader: How to do it

Directly below the YouTube video, you will find the buttons allowing the video to be downloaded in different qualities. It also has a convenient, integrated cutting function for MP3s and videos. You can easily cut off the fragments you don’t need before downloading and have the only one-song recording. Also, the volume level of an MP3 can be automatically normalized, and silent sections can be removed.

If you want to use Peggo permanently, you can also download the application to your smartphone like an Android app.


The Peggo web app provides an effortless way to download videos and MP3s from YouTube and Soundcloud.


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