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SABIO is a knowledge management SaaS solution designed specifically for customer service organizations. The software enables a new quality of information management and provides each individual customer service employee with the knowledge of all departments. SABIO stands for complex information management needs. No more information monopoly for individual employees. Simple, fast and accessible for everyone.

One of the main SABIO competitors is Confluence – one of the best knowledge management software that also offers many interesting features.

Many industries can benefit from SABIO, but the software primarily targets customer service and support organizations to provide agents and employees with better, faster access.

Sabio Knowledge Management Core Features


Intelligent algorithms learn with every user interaction and thus improve your search. As you search, automatic suggestions and recommendations help you find knowledge even faster. Synonyms even help you find knowledge you haven’t even looked for yet.


The results are displayed dynamically according to relevance. Among other things, it is checked whether the knowledge is still up-to-date, how popular it is and which keywords are included.


Use filters and various facets to further narrow your search. For example, search for text written by a specific author or filter for tags added to the text at creation. By selecting various filters, your search results will be further narrowed down and you will reach your goal even faster.


Load all common file formats such as Word, Excel, PDF or PowerPoint and many more into the system. These file formats are also indexed and searched by the system – just like your knowledge content in text form.


Forget active knowledge databases. The SABIO Integrator is the latest innovation in the knowledge management environment and makes using SABIO even easier.

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Other Notable Features of Sabio Software

By installing this browser extension, you bring your knowledge from SABIO to any web application – without any IT and development effort. While you work in your usual applications, the SABIO Integrator analyses relevant data in the background. The basis for this is formed by freely selected criteria. Search results are searched and provided dynamically and automatically in the respective context of the application. Efficiency of a new era.

Sabio is a cloud-based knowledge management solution that enables companies of all sizes to share information with their customers, staff and partners. The platform enables content managers to publish and manage white papers, user guides, articles, business processes, FAQs and more.

Sabio helps companies optimize customer care processes by providing quick answers to frequently asked questions. The solution offers a variety of features including a WYSIWYG editor, role-based access, remote authentication, version history and subscription management. In addition, employees* can gain expertise and conduct online training to increase productivity. The content editing feature allows teams to edit and format content, add hyperlinks and upload images/videos.

Sabio’s workflow approval system automates the review, approval and publication of articles. In addition, users can store information in a central database for corporate intranet, customer service and employee training. The integrated search module facilitates full text search, partial word recognition, spell checking and supports the Sphinx search engine. The solution enables integration with third-party applications via an application programming interface (API).

Knowledge is digital today. To ensure that relevant information in companies can be found quickly, SABIO GmbH developed a database that bundles the available knowledge in one place. With the progressive digitalization of information, SABIO has grown rapidly and needs a new IT infrastructure that adapts to the increasing demand. For this, SABIO relies on the Hybrid Cloud from Nexinto.

Sabio Knowledge Base Software for Scalable Infrastructure

With digitization, the volume of data is also increasing: worldwide by about 40 percent per year. To make all data and information in the company controllable and findable, SABIO offers a tool for internal knowledge management. The basis for this is a database. There, employees store relevant project data, documents, presentations or other digitalized information in one place. Using the intuitive search function, they can also quickly find the data they have entered at a later time. This creates an internal knowledge database that makes it easier for all employees to access relevant data.

SABIO offers its application as an on-premise solution or as software as a service from the cloud. The ongoing digitalization process drives the demand for such tools. Therefore, SABIO needs a scalable infrastructure that optimally supports the rapidly growing company. In a digitalized world, data is one of the most valuable assets of companies today. Therefore, SABIO’s demands on the infrastructure are very high with regard to availability and data protection.

In order to provide SABIO with maximum flexibility in the use of infrastructure resources for the operation of the SABIO database and website, Nexinto put together a customized package of measures. At the heart of the package is the hybrid cloud solution consisting of services from the Nexinto private cloud and the public cloud components of the Nexinto business cloud. Nexinto implemented the solution completely according to PRINCE2.

For the virtualized CPU and RAM resources, additional infrastructure components are available to run the cloud. In addition, Nexinto is responsible for installation and monitoring of the virtualized environment as well as patch management of individual applications. The 24/7 operation of all systems is provided as a managed service.


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