Windscribe VPN


  • Grants access to blocked content
  • Protects public WLANs
  • Provides anonymity on the Internet


  • Internet traffic runs through third-party servers
  • Internet speed is sometimes seriously reduced

Last changes

Windscribe VPN was last updated on 05.02.2020 and is available for download here in version 1.83 Build 20.

What the editorial team says:

With the Windows client of Windscribe, you can redirect your computer’s data traffic via their VPN service.

A lot of online content is only available in some countries. For example, services like Pandora cannot be used in Germany. To get around this limitation, people use VPN providers like Canadian Windscribe. The free version includes the following countries: the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

In the speed test, we could achieve a download speed of about 70 Mbps without using a VPN. When we switched to the USA VPN server, it was still at a good mark of 60 Mbps. Via the German server, however, it was only just under 15 Mbps. But theoretically, this is still sufficient for Full-HD streaming.


Windscribe is a decent VPN service for bypassing country blocks with a lot of free features. But if you value a high level of anonymity, it is recommended to use the paid version.


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