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Xpadder was last updated on 20.08.2013 and is available for download here in version 2013.07.18.

What the editorial team says:

With Xpadder, you can play PC games and browser games with a gamepad, even if they can only be controlled with a keyboard.

With Xpadder, you can play just about any game you can think of with a gamepad. It also applies to browser games and those that can only be controlled with the keyboard. Even games that do not recognize your controller can usually be outsmarted with the help of this application.

How does Xpadder work?

Xpadder acts as an interface between your controller and the game and translates the input from the buttons, sticks, and joysticks on the controller. Xpadder supports many popular gamepads and joysticks. The only requirement is installing the correct drivers for the devices.

Setting up Xpadder requires two steps. First, you must create all existing buttons of your gamepad in the program. For many gamepads, there are pictures of the controller layouts for download on the app’s homepage. That includes the Xbox 360 and Saitek controllers. Since Xpadder is not free, you can access the game profiles on the forum after registration.

Alternatively, after setting up the controller layout, you can assign a key on the keyboard to each button. You can then use the controller in the game — but the game will think it is getting input from the keyboard. That should also work with controllers not supported by the game.


Although Xpadder is quite complicated to set up, the software works perfectly. With its help, every PC game and browser game can become controller-compatible. Unfortunately, there is no demo of the program — you have to buy the software if you want to try it out. As an alternative, we recommend using JoyToKey if you need to test the functionality with restrictions before purchasing the full version.

Note: Our download link will get you to the developers’ official website, where you can buy and download Xpadder.


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